Full 2016 programme in PDF file

Sala Bobrzyńskiego and Sala Kazimierza Wielkiego, Collegium Maius
Jagiellońska 15, Kraków

All sessions on Monday and Wednesday take place in Sala Bobrzyńskiego (Bobrzyński Hall), the parallel sessions are divided into Sala Bobrzyńskiego and Sala Kazimierza Wielkiego (Kazimierz Wielki Hall) – conf. the programme for details.


Monday, 7th November 2016

9:30 Registration

10:00 Welcome

10:15-11:15 Netherworlds in Ancient Worlds (chair: Jan N. Bremmer)

Maciej Münnich, The Concept of Netherworld in the Post-Exilic Biblical Wisdom Circles

Lech Trzcionkowski, Bacchic-Orphic daimones and the spatial metaphor of way

11:15-11:30 coffee break

11:30-13:00 Keynote Lecture (chair: Theodora S.F. Jim)

Jan N. Bremmer, Descents to the Underworld from Gilgamesh to Christian Late Antiquity

13:00-14:00 Lunch break (The Chimera salad bar)

14:00-15:00 Functions Of Morality

In The Religious Domain (chair: Andrzej Szyjewski)

Tinu Ruparell, A Symetrical Basis for

Meta-ethical Sensitivities and its Religious Technologization

Katarzyna Bajka, The Uncanny Valley – an evolution of a theory

15:00-15:15 Coffee break

15:15-15:45 Religion In Contemporary World (chair: Stanisław Obirek)

Erik Sporon Fiedler, Religious forms-of-life as

cultural and sociobiological

experimentations. Remarks on Peter Sloterdijk’s idea of immunology and

ascetology as meta-paradigmatic disciplines

15:45-16:45 Gods, Demons And Rituals – The Issue Of

Understanding Religious Metaphor (chair: Joanna Jurewicz )

Monika Nowakowska, When gods are nothing but names – a case of a ritual syntax

Matylda Ciołkosz, Switching Bodies: Understanding through

Enaction in Comparative Study of Religions

16:45-17:00 Break

17:00-18:00 Ex Oriente Lux I (chair: Matylda Ciołkosz)

Anna M. Maćkowiak, Commodifying Balinese Mystical Heritage: Tari Kecak

Maciej St. Zięba, Neo-Confucians Understanding Sages
– reflection on mind and language







Tuesday, 8th November 2016

9:30 Registration

Parallel sessions

Sala Bobrzyńskiego

Sala Kazimierza Wielkiego

9:45-11:15 Ancient Mystery Cults
and Healing Rituals

(chair: Krzysztof Bielawski)

9:45-11:15 Ex Oriente Lux II

(chair: Maciej St. Zięba)

Theodora S.F. Jim, Ancient Mystery Cults and ‘Salvation’

Małgorzata Religa, The Ancient Buddha - the God of the Fourth Way?

Artur Rodziewicz, Last Orphics
from the Kurdish mountains? Orphic elements
in the Yezidi religious hymns and
the Red Wednesday festival

Artur Przybysławski, Buddhism as transformation of consciousness. Cognitive perspective

Krzysztof Łapiński, Therapeutic dimension
of dreams in ancient Greece: the cult of
Asclepius and Hippocratic medicine

Ewa Paśnik-Tułowiecka, Antemortem Meditations. Death preparations in Taoism and Yungdrung Bon Tradition

11:15-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-13:00 Keynote lecture (chair: Dominika Motak)

Ralph W. Hood, Jr., Death and Near Death Experience from

Serpent Bites in Religious Settings: A Jamesian Perspective

13:00-14:00 Lunch break  (The Chimera salad bar)

Parallel sessions

Sala Bobrzyńskiego

Sala Kazimierza Wielkiego

14:00-15:30 Modern Transformations

Of Religious Practice And Theology

(chair: Dominika Motak)

14:00-15:30 Philosophical Aspects Of Cognitive Studies Of Religion

(chair: Konrad Talmont-Kaminski)

Shoshana Ronen, “Blessed Thou Lord for not

being made a woman” versus “Blessed Thou Lord for
being made as I am”: From exclusivism
to inclusivism in Jewish prayers

Giuseppina Paola Viscardi, Understanding to explain. Shifting ontologies and meaning-making processes: categorization, explanation, and meta-representations in the study of religions

Joanna Malita-Król, Meeting Gods in the circle –
British Traditional Witchcraft as a modern mystery cult

Juraj Franek, Cognitive Science of Religion, Ontological Commitment and Evolutionary Debunking Arguments

Stanisław Obirek, Evolution vs Theology,
or Theology of Evolution


15:30-16:00 Coffee break

Parallel sessions

Sala Bobrzyńskiego

Sala Kazimierza Wielkiego

16:00-18:30 Ancient Texts and Religion

(chair: Maciej Münnich)

16:00-18:30 Ex Oriente Lux III

(chair: Artur Przybysławski)

Bartłomiej Bednarek, Philology

of killing, religion of eating. Cleaning the
Burkert's table

Kamil Nowak, Understanding Buddhism in Modern Taiwan through the Concept of Gnosis

Zbigniew Nerczuk,
Protagoras’ lost treatise
“On the gods”

Ruzana Pskhu, The Problem of Interpretation of the Sufi Texts of Niffary

Andrew J. Korzeniewski, The Growth of Venus

Ołena Łucyszyna, Classical Sāṁkhya on the Relationship between the Vedic Revelation (śruti) and Its Own Doctrine

Filip Doroszewski,  Dariusz Karłowicz,
The Penthean Leaders:

Dionysus and the Fall of the Roman
Republic in Plutarch’s Lives

Hanna Urbańska, The Twilight Language of Svānubhava Gīti by Nārāyaṇa Guru

Sonia Kamińska, Alexander of
Aphrodisias and his “mystical”

interpretation of Aristotle’s nous poietikos
and Deity

Tatiana G. Skorokhodova, Phenomena of Religious Consciousness in Genesis of Neo-Vedantism: Understanding in Study of the Bengal Renaissance Philosophical Thought

20:00 Conference dinner (Plac Nowy 1)




Wednesday, 9th November 2016

9:30 Registration

9:45-11:15 Early and Medieval Christianity (chair: Filip Doroszewski)

Jan Kozłowski, Christian Martyr as a Hyperthanatic Philosopher and Mystes and the Victory of Christianity in the Late Antiquity

Elena Sol Jiménez, Christian Gnosticism: Against Institutionalizing the Divine

Piotr Czarnecki, Did the Catholic polemists invent Cathar dualism? Discussion with the foundations of deconstructionist interpretation of Catharism

11:15-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-13:00 Keynote lecture (chair: Robert Czyżykowski)

Joanna Jurewicz, Conceptual Blending and Mystic Experience

13:00-14:00 Lunch  (The Chimera salad bar)

14:00-16:00 Evolution And Cognition (chair: Ralph W. Hood, Jr)

Konrad Szocik, Evolutionary approach to the study of religion: Religion and religious beliefs as an adaptation

Konrad Talmont-Kamiński, Evolutionism 50 years after Theories of Primitive Religion

Andrzej Szyjewski, Kurpany’s anomaly – a contribution to the theory of hybridization

Wacław Romer, The methodology of comparative mysticism studies: the case of perennialism

16:00-16:15 Coffee break

16:15-18:15 Semiotic and Cognitive Aspects of ‘Civic Religion’ and its Margins

(chair: Lech Trzcionkowski)

Sara Chiarini, The Thesaurus Defixionum Magdeburgensis (TheDeMa) as a Tool for Cross-Linguistic

Analyses of Ancient Curses. Preliminary Results of a Systematic Study of the Relationship Between Formulacity

and Individualization in the Corpus of Ancient defixiones

Eleonora Colangelo, Hiera anathekein. Notes about the

Epiklesis Panathenaic Regulation between Semiotic Iconology and Hymnology

Jakub Filonik, A cognitive reading of ‘civic religion’: can

metaphors reveal something about Athenians’ thinking and beliefs?

Vichi Ciocani, Votive offerings and the

language of sincerity in Greek religion

18:15 Closing of the conference